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About Us

Our Mission

To reach out to all kinds of destitute, vulnerable and orphaned children in both rural and remote communities while protecting their rights.

Our Vision

To empower orphaned, needy, vulnerable children to cherish God's love, grace, unity and peace as well as enjoy being children.

About us

God's Mercy Child Ministries is a charity organisation situated in Kayunga- Jinja - Uganda. It was founded by Mr. Galima Denis in 2015 who has passion and love for children with the main purpose of looking providing vulnerable children particularly children with disability, orphans, street children and homeless children living in extreme poverty a safe and loving environment to live in. This has been done through empowering them through providing education, healthcare, shelter, feeding, clothing and poverty alleviaton by training them in life skills.

We provide a safe and loving environment for the children to enable them develop to their full potential. We work with other stakeholders in the community who have the desire to take care of vulnerable and homeless children by providing them with thier basic necessities of clothing, shelter, food, education with aim of improving the way they live and taking street children off the streets and give them hope that they are loved so that they enjoy being children. We encourage you to be part of this journey of ensuring vulnerable children and street children are as happy as any other child enjoying childhood by joining us either through financial support or voluntering with us.

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Mpata Rogers


Kiige Joel

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Galima Denis


Kiryoyi Samuel


Mwesigwa Benard

Spiritual Leader

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